quinta-feira, dezembro 22, 2011

Pensamento do Dia

"How are happiness and independence related? In our lives, as social creatures, we need other human beings. Being around other people can make us feel safe and loved and provide us with support mechanisms that can make us happy. However, in order to be truly happy we have to be like the crane in the piece below. We have to be content with ourselves and understand that we don’t need wealth, or status or popularity to be happy. All we need is to understand and love ourselves, in the end everything else is a luxury including other people and those relationships. Now this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t engage others, as I’ve said below, we all need other people, but first, you have to engage and love yourself.

A single crane standing unconcerned in the falling snow is the very image of independence. It needs no one, it is secure in its environment, and it is capable of going through life alone. Its independence stems from self-sufficiency.

It needs no clothing, no building, no wealth, no status. It is content, even glorious in its naked identity. So too with ourselves: There is no need for dazzling clothes, an impressive career, an awesome temple, nor a bejeweled master. What we want is something beyond such externals."

Have a truly happy day =D

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Sandrinha disse...

Carpe Diem!! :)