sábado, dezembro 31, 2011

Bom ano a todos!

It is that time of year again when people establish a new year’s resolution in hopes to have a prosperous and well lived upcoming year. As I sit here thinking about what my new year’s resolution needs to be I realized that I do not need another empty new year’s resolution, what I need is a new year’s revolution. I need something that is going to be personal and something that is going to challenge the negative thoughts.

Last year wasn't that bad. The old saying "Win some, lose some" ruled my year, professionally and a personal level too. The important thing is, i have been true to myself and others around me.

So please, do me a favour in 2012. Stop all the bitching and arguing, embrace friendship and honesty. But most of all, be happy!!

Happy new year!

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Pistaxa disse...

Mai nadaaaaaaaaaaaa!