domingo, janeiro 30, 2005


Leo - Your Love Profile

Your positive traits:
You're almost always the center of attention - and easy for potential dates to spotYour happiness and optimism is appealing to all... and contagious!You don't hold grudges - getting over little fights is no problem for you

Your negative traits:
You tend to ignore relationship problems, until they are too big to handleYou crave luxury, and you are disappointed with partners who can't provide you with itIf someone does you wrong, you'll coldly and cruely break their heart

Your ideal partner:
Someone high status enough to bring you more attention - but not so great that they upstage you Makes you laugh and brings excitement to everything you do togetherIs aggressive and confident enough to butt heads with you every so often

Your dating style:
High expectations. You need to be impressed with an incredible first date for a second one to occur.

Your seduction style:
You like to make the first move - you're fearless about initiating things
Passionate. You really get into any intimate act.Aggressive. Most of the time, you find yourself wanting sex more than your partner.

Tips for the future:
Try to not need so much attention. You'll feel less ignored, guaranteed.Learn to love your parnter for who they are - not how they help advance your life.Let your partner shine occasionally. You don't always have to be the alpha dog.

Best place to meet someone online:
Platnium Romance - these flirty singles will make sure that you're the center of attention

Best color to attract mate:

Best day for a date:

Aki podem ver o vosso profile =)

o leão tah sp associado a luxuria eu axo um exagero...por acaso na ligo a essas merdas mas...

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